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Hello there! Welcome to my little sounding board in a tiny corner of the net :)

Moi? Well I'm a 6'3" tall, 28 yr old creative Brit.

I do like my sport as well, including rugby and football (soccer to the US ;P) but I'm currently recovering from reconstructive knee surgery - hopefully I'll be back on my feet and bouncy soon :)

As for my fursona, well Pan has four forms that he can morph into - kitten, panther, anthro and were - each with his own personality, from bouncy and playful to feral and smexeh ;) My muses, on the other paw, usually take the form of gals with glasses *mrowr* ;D

Always looking to meet others and share ideas and critique, so don't be shy if you want to leave comments and such ^^

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Mario Kart: 3222-6256-7973
Smash Bros Brawl: 0087-3798-9560

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